A climate-neutral future depends on critical minerals

The demand for base minerals for the energy transition—and our modern lives—is set to outpace current available supply. In fact, demand for critical minerals will more than double by 2030, according to IEA, the International Energy Association.

When it comes to the global race to electrification, Stantec can support the responsible extraction and development of nickel, lithium, graphite, and rare earth elements (REEs) around the world. How? We deploy a technology-forward approach to help meet the growing demand for critical mineral raw material supply. We help mining juniors and majors access federal funding, and we help them navigate challenging permit schedules.

Our engineering support can help you reduce risks, and we can help you move mining projects through feasibility to detailed engineering and construction. If you’re looking for scaling solutions, we can support your transition from pilot studies to full production.

Critical mineral production is a global challenge—let us help you meet these crucial industry needs.

New mining funding sources

Through grants and low interest loans, there’s more federal money accessible to mining companies today than ever before. There are many federal, provincial, and municipal agencies that distribute funds through different programs—but some opportunities have short application windows and complex technical requirements. That’s why we provide funding consultant services. For more than 30 years, our team has partnered with clients to secure over $6 billion in grant and loan funding in North America. Read More

Critical minerals processing

Every day, we’re seeing more electric vehicles and solar panels—and that also means a rapidly increasing demand for critical minerals. We have projects and operations experience recovering gold, copper, platinum group metals, and rare earth elements, and our specialists can also provide guidance in lithium, nickel, cobalt, and vanadium extraction. If you’re developing an extraction project or managing a mining site, we can help you reliably and responsibly access your mineral resources—getting from rock to ore. Read More

Modularizing to reduce cost

In recent years, the construction industry has more frequently adopted modularization strategies. Modularization breaks down large facilities into smaller sets—modules—that can be constructed separately or off-site. There are a few reasons why modularization and preassembly planning are good for construction projects, including increased safety and efficiency. Using modularization can be a game-changer for a critical minerals project. Read More

Scaling technology solutions

When you need to scale technological solutions from pilot studies to full production, we can help—and we can help in timeframes that support speed to market. Let’s partner to create strategies that generate profitability throughout the project operation and balance starting capital expenses. Strategies such as efficiency audits or considering alternative power solutions to attract environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment dollars. Read More
We help you optimize systems for improved efficiency and mineral recovery
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