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Mobility is evolving

Smart mobility is automated, connected, electric, or shared. It aims to reduce congestion, pollution, and cost, while increasing safety, equity, and transparency by leveraging breakthroughs in technology.

I see future transportation systems as a partnership between concrete and technology; helping people and goods travel safely and efficiently.

Arya Rohani, PE Senior Principal, Chief Technology Strategist

This is how we move

We’re excited about ushering in a new era of safety, sustainability, and efficiency. We see mobility as a single system focused on moving people by providing a choice of modes to suit each person. With expertise in planning, designing, and implementing smart mobility solutions, we connect and advance communities across the globe. From complete streets and microtransit to long-range planning for automated vehicles, we can help you determine how to make the most of an evolving mobility ecosystem. We move people, no matter the platform.

Embracing a shared future

Advances in shared mobility are radically changing transportation. We’re a leader in planning, design, implementation, and program management for shared mobility—particularly with automated, connected, and electric vehicles. Our research and innovation approach positions us to include them in other emerging areas of shared mobility and related mobile technology platforms. We can help prepare you for future challenges and opportunities by understanding how these technologies can serve your needs and create equity in your community.

Creating connections

A major benefit of smart mobility is connections. We work closely with technology developers to design, install, and manage connected vehicle communication systems. And we focus on the broader connections that smart mobility makes possible. Using shared autonomous vehicles (SAV) to take passengers to key transit hubs and getting them back home is a first-mile/last-mile solution that can increase transit ridership and reduce traffic through multimodal alternatives. Change starts with new ideas. We make them a reality.

Planning for the future

Each week brings changes in transportation technology. Through this, we stay focused on two goals. First, getting people to their destinations efficiently, safely, and comfortably. Second, improving the design and function of everything along the way. Our big picture understanding—trends, technology, and best practices—lets us help you prepare for the future. That could be creating a multimodal system by linking different networks or preparing a district for the design and development opportunities brought by autonomous travel.

Integrated solutions

More efficient mobility networks create new opportunities with our built environment. That could be re-purposing underused parking structures to serve more uses and unlock new value. It could be creating new places of engagement for our communities by rethinking the operation and design of our streets, curbs, and public realm to move people efficiently and safely. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to planning and design can unlock significant social, economic, and environmental benefits for our communities today and in the future.
Helping our clients in this new era of safety, sustainability, and efficiency with smart mobility.
Active Test Beds
By 2025
By 2040
US Projected

With our testbed partners, GoMentum Station and ACTIVE-AURORA, we're helping to facilitate the testing of AV & CAV technologies
Inter-connected Vehicles
Driverless Vehicles
Annual Savings
Expert Spotlight

Rod Schebesch, Senior Vice President, Sector Leader, Transportation

Technology and innovation will enhance our transportation systems and urban environments for the future of connected automated vehicles and smart cities.
Rod Schebesch Smart Mobility Program Lead Read More

Arya Rohani, PE, Senior Principal, Chief Technology Strategist

I see future transportation systems as a partnership between concrete and technology; helping people and goods travel safely and efficiently.
Arya Rohani, PE Senior Principal, Chief Technology Strategist Read More

Daniel Baxter, Principal, Transportation

Only through advanced systems engineering can we help today’s transportation infrastructure battle traffic congestion and perform better.

Koorosh Olyai , Senior Principal, Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)

We must create, operate, and maintain transportation systems for people, not just vehicles and goods, and for a future that’s already here.
Koorosh Olyai Senior Principal, Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) Read More

Craig Lewis, Principal

To build vibrant, memorable, and walkable urbanism we must continually focus on the details important to the human experience.

Jeff Sauser, Associate, Planner

As a planner and urban designer, I enjoy the opportunity to make a difference in communities across North America.
  • Rod Schebesch

    Smart Mobility Program Lead

  • Arya Rohani, PE

    Senior Principal, Chief Technology Strategist

  • Daniel Baxter

    Systems Engineer

  • Koorosh Olyai

    Senior Principal, Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)

  • Craig Lewis


  • Jeff Sauser

    Associate, Planner

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Detailed Engineering & Design Big picture engineering in every detail.
Intelligent Transportation Systems We provide Intelligent Transportation by integrating information and communication technologies in our infrastructure to manage and improve the reliability and efficiency of our transportation network.
Pavement Engineering We work with our clients to manage their pavements, focusing on pavement engineering and related data collection services.
Program Management Achieving predictable project outcomes.
Traffic Engineering Our traffic engineers keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently, helping you find more time in your day by spending less time in your car.
Transportation Planning As a community grows in size and population, so do its mobility needs. We help you address those needs and find a comprehensive solution that can safely get you to your destination.

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