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Welcome to Boulder

Connecting cities, communities, and people through the consumer experience is an art.

Our office is on Pearl Street in Boulder, a city known for arts and culture. Its creative energy inspires us to design consumer experiences that build strong connections. Our staff’s design work for the famous Pearl Street Mall, a four-block, open-air pedestrian shopping destination, connects the people of Boulder. The branded experience we created for LA Live and the Staples Center in Los Angeles connects sponsors to this 27-acre downtown sports and entertainment complex. Our work also takes us abroad to places like Mexico City’s Gran Patio Santa Fe where we helped bring many distinct functions into a single, 2.1 million sf footprint through planning, design, and wayfinding.

As the artists behind the experience, we’re proud to help our clients and communities make lasting connections.

Experiential design, transformed

We create tangible, experiential, and memorable places. Transformative experiences that enhance real estate values and bring people back to a place again and again. Read More
Meet Our Team

Bridget Rice, Designer

I am determined to engage with unique communities and seek new pathways and intersections for design thinking.

Shannon Jones, Senior Associate, Architect

If we recognize design as context for the people who use it, the result lends itself to their experience and how they activate that space.

Marelle Davey, Sustainability Consultant

We should be working towards habits and solutions that re-integrate humans into the natural ecosystem as a beneficial and symbiotic player.

Jamie Wirkler, Associate

I’m continually inspired by how places or objects can impact and affect our emotions, inspire connection, and enhance our daily lives.

Bridget Rice


Shannon Jones

Senior Associate, Architect

Marelle Davey

Sustainability Consultant

Jamie Wirkler


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