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AltaLink Transmission Development Program

Keeping it green on the grid

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Giving communities the power to grow

If you’ve driven through Alberta’s foothills and boreal forest, or aspen parkland and prairies, you’ve likely seen them—power lines. When AltaLink was ready to expand its electrical grid in this province’s diverse terrains, the Altalink team turned to our experts to help reduce the environmental impact of the grid.

From environmental assessments and regulatory applications to route decision logs and geographic information systems, we collected the data AltaLink needed to make informed decisions for its Transmission Line Development Program. And, because these decisions would affect the community, we provided expert testimonies at public hearings to help the community better understand what the project was about. We were even there during construction, providing on-site monitoring to ensure the project was built according to the plan. For this project or any other similar one, we’re able to do more than just support grid expansion with our power services; we’re able to keep the grid green and help communities grow and advance.

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

Neil Cory, Senior Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Canada)

I believe we inspire confidence by managing project risk with sound environmental planning. We strive to understand our client’s business.
Neil Cory Senior Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Canada) Read More

Neil Cory

Senior Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Canada)

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