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BC Highway 8 Flooding Rehabilitation

Managing post-disaster infrastructure activities and services

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    Damaged Sites

  • British Columbia

    British Columbia

Rehabilitating flooded infrastructure that connects numerous communities and forestry and ranching industries to the rest of BC

When devastating floods hit British Columbia in November 2021, significant portions of Highway 8 between Spences Bridge and Merritt were washed away, leaving many residents and Indigenous communities completely isolated. The restoration of this roadway required strong collaboration between the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, local Indigenous communities, contractors, and construction teams. They brought in our Transportation team to help.

Our job? To work with the project team on a series of flood recovery projects. The large-scale devastation to Highway 8 required a multidisciplinary response which included over 40 team members from our bridge, highway, survey, project, and construction disciplines. Our teams were some of the first on site, providing early response and rapid structural inspections. The endeavor included reconnecting Highway 8’s sections by repairing 25 erosion sites and three bridges as well as designing a new temporary alignment which included the installation of a 73-metre (240-foot), two-span temporary bridge and an 85-metre (280-foot) single-span temporary bridge.

The partnership between these diverse teams allowed Highway 8 to reopen in just under a year, reconnecting isolated residents and communities, and re-opening key shipping routes used by the local ranching and forestry industries. The reconstruction has built a stronger roadbed for improved resiliency against future flooding and unexpected natural events. 

Meet Our Team

Murray Johnson, Principal, Transportation

A well-designed and constructed bridge can benefit the client, community, and environment with positive impacts that will last a lifetime.

Eric Hertzman, GIS Specialist

Geospatial analysis allows me to understand the context of any project or location—this can help any client or colleague meet their needs.

Aleem Nawla, Civil Engineer

The best part of my job is working within multidisciplinary teams on meaningful projects—to make my community a better, safer place.

Uthaya Uthayakumar, Senior Principal Engineer

"All models are wrong, but some are useful." – George Box
Uthaya Uthayakumar Senior Principal Engineer Read More

Shawn Clough, Business Center Practice Leader

There’s no end to the success we can achieve when we communicate effectively, support each other, and bring a committed passion to our work.
Shawn Clough Business Center Practice Leader Read More

Murray Johnson

Principal, Transportation

Eric Hertzman

GIS Specialist

Aleem Nawla

Civil Engineer

Uthaya Uthayakumar

Senior Principal Engineer

Shawn Clough

Business Center Practice Leader

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