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Falling Weight Deflectometer Testing of the Alberta Provincial Highways

Data-driven decisions

  • 4

    Provincial Regions

  • 25K+

    Tests Per Year

  • South, Peace, and Central Regions, Alberta

    South, Peace, and Central Regions, Alberta

Leveraging data to make informed decisions for the benefit of the province

Winter’s deep freeze, the spring thaw, and heavy truck traffic all affect the quality of Alberta’s highway pavements. To maximize the lifespan of the roads, Alberta Transportation (AT) sets load restrictions, or road bans, and schedules rehabilitation projects. However, the road bans impact the local economy by limiting the truck traffic. AT needed data in order to make informed decisions and strike a balance between roadway preservation and economic prosperity.

For three years, we provided network-wide pavement deflection testing for the province’s south region, the northwest and northeast regions, and a portion of the central region. We brought an experienced team to complete all the falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing needed, performing 25,000 FWD tests for the project in all regions per year. Using the data collected, AT enforced road bans during the spring thaw to keep the highways safer and extend their lifespan. The data was also added into Stantec’s Pavement Management System (PMS), which is used to determine the proper time to rehabilitate their roads, providing cost savings to the province.

With high quality data informing their decisions, AT can set forth a plan that benefits travelers and the province’s economy. 

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