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Jebal Ali Sewage Treatment Plant – Dubai Municipality

Providing wastewater treatment for 4.5 million people

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  • Jebal Ali, United Arab Emirates

    Jebal Ali, United Arab Emirates

We’re helping to treat the wastewater from Dubai’s rapidly developing new housing and industrial areas

How do you effectively manage and treat wastewater produced by a population of 4.5 million people? Our team designed Dubai’s first sewage treatment plant in the 1970’s and was appointed in 2007 to design Phase 1 of the Jebal Ali Sewage Treatment Plant—ultimately planned to become one of the largest sewer treatment plants in the world.

Jebal Ali, designed and built in four stages, will serve an equivalent population of 1.1 million people per stage. And the end use? The plant has been designed to produce an effluent suitable for unrestricted reuse to suit Dubai Municipality standards for irrigation. Our responsibilities in phase one were achieved by providing preliminary treatment for the tanker and raw sewage and using two additional treatments, sand filtration and UV disinfection. Effluent storage was created, all while maintaining full chemical and biological odor control.

With this plant, residual biological solids will be converted into a dried pellet product, suitable for use as a large-scale fertilizer. Not only will our client have the best value engineering, but by using the most operable and cost effective solution, Jebal Ali can focus on clients first.

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Best Water Reuse Project - MEED Project Quality Awards 2010
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Wessam Daoud, Geographic Leader, MENA Region

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  • Wessam Daoud

    Geographic Leader, MENA Region

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