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Anheuser Busch – 711.37 kW Roof-Top Mounted Photovoltaic System

Finding the right energy angle

  • 2.4K

    Modules Installed

  • 600KW


  • 11PV

    Modules Per String

  • Bronx, New York

    Bronx, New York

Encouraging the growth of this new, electricity-generating technology

You always consider the visual and functional impact that a new design may have on a building, but it’s also important to consider its environmental impact. We did this during our work on a commercial photovoltaic rooftop that delivered economic and environmental benefits to the owner, community, and larger region.

Although the roof was rectangular, our installation had to be irregular and asymmetrical. We twisted and moved panels to find the best angles for sunlight while avoiding shadows, HVAC equipment, and obstructions. Our design evaluated the best equipment for maximum efficiency, and our code knowledge and local utilities coordination were vital to our success.

Anheuser Busch will pay less for electricity, since a portion of their usage will be provided by panels, and they’ll be paid for extra electricity given back into the grid. The extra kilowatts will give the community more electricity and lead to cleaner air, since solar energy doesn’t create pollution. Lastly, renewable energy helps us extend the lifetime of resources like oil and natural gas.

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

David Faccas, Associate

If engineering wasn’t a business, it’d be my hobby.

Michael Kalb, Principal

Everything now deemed traditional was once considered experimental; don’t be afraid to try something new.

David Faccas


Michael Kalb


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