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With decades of innovation and experience under our belts, we’re achieving remarkable results in building technologies, energy, and environmental performance for our clients. We’re with you from initial concept through design, construction, commissioning, and validation. Whatever the engineering challenge, we are here to help identify opportunities to improve performance and sustainability while also improving operations. Our team represents all the major engineering disciplines—structural, mechanical, electrical, and process engineering.

We are supporting healing environments in our neighborhood hospitals, designing corporate facilities and commercial spaces that generate economic opportunities, and collaborating with universities to plan highly effective and technologically advanced facilities. We support biopharmaceutical manufacturers to promote medical advancement, deliver fresh and sophisticated hotels, resorts, and conference facilities, and address energy efficiency, operation, and capacity requirements of mission critical facilities. No matter your project, we are committed to a secure and sustainable built environment.

Inside the Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility

Take a look inside GO Transit’s new maintenance facility located in Whitby, Ontario. We designed this 500,000 square foot facility to be an industrial building that puts people first.

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10 years ago we presented this idea to


build a national Enoch sent to the board


ten years ago here we are it is so


exciting for stantec to have been part


of this it is a remarkable facility that


will live on forever it is a landmark


facility for our city for our country it


is a true gem first antics building team


to have been involved in the mechanical


engineering here it really puts us on


the mass have been part of something so


exciting that I'm sure each individual


who has been involved will cherish that


for their lifetime very intense building


as far as mechanical systems with it's a


LEED building okay we're shooting for


efficiency as well as we have lots of


areas that are critical temperature


humidity environments museum quality


spaces that we have to be careful about


how we supply and condition the air in


the spaces our mechanical systems had to


be put in place but we didn't want to


have them overpower some of the you know


that beautiful architecture that you see


in this building's we had to do a lot of


intense coordination during design to


make sure that a the systems would work


and be that they would they would fit in


nicely with with the overall work the


building just a unique project you don't


have many opportunities to be working a


project like this it's exciting when you


are part of this big building that will


have such an impact in the community not


only did we do the mechanical design for


studio bell but we also donated to the


National Music Center Foundation which


resulted in the stantec volunteer lounge


the ability for stantec to secure the


naming rights for the volunteer lounge


truly fits with our values and our


corporate culture our employees are so


deeply rooted in this community and look


for every opportunity to get involved


with organizations so the fact that we


were able to mirror our company values


with the opportunity here for the




is truly special every nook and cranny


of the building is special in its own I


feel truly blessed to have been here and


experience this and I can't wait for the


rest of Calgarians to be able to


experience this

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Sidewalk Labs

Taking a people-first approach, we’re helping Sidewalk Labs build the community of the future on the Toronto waterfront. With a focus on innovative infrastructure design, the team hasn’t just thought outside the box—we’ve rethought the box itself. Read More

Optus Stadium

This fans-first stadium includes the widest range of seating and hospitality options of any stadium in Australia. With a design that acknowledges Western Australia’s unique sporting, cultural, and Aboriginal heritage as well as a Sports Precinct that provides a spectacular vista across the Swan River to the city, Optus Stadium is not only a venue—it’s a community anchor. Read More

Stantec Tower

Located in the heart of Edmonton’s bustling arena district, our new home is an icon on the city skyline. Stantec Tower enriches the lives of our Edmonton employees, while showcasing what is possible when a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, and sustainability specialists break down discipline barriers and design collaboratively. Read More
We’re driven to seek what is next—to challenge ourselves and our clients to do better.
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We're focused on engineering change in the communities where we live, work, and play.
Consulting Specifying Engineer consistently ranks Stantec among the top five mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) design firms in North America.
Our sustainable facilities do more than satisfy standards—they become the standard for fostering a sense of wellness in the people who use them.

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Electrical Engineering We work with clients to create intelligent facilities that improve the bottom line while keeping safety, energy efficiency and dependability top of mind.
Sustainability & Building Performance We blend art and science to help clients realize the full potential of their projects in terms of life cycle cost, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, human health, and wellness.
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Interior Design As humans, we spend a significant portion of our daily lives inside. We believe our emotional and physical well-being is dramatically impacted by the places where we live, work, and play.
Urban Planning & Design Our plans help harness the forces reshaping North American communities. We create places that are authentic, green, walkable, connected and diverse.
Landscape Architecture Whether it's an urban park, a restored wetland, an athletic complex, or a waterfront destination--through analysis, planning, and design, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs.
Alternate Project Delivery Alternate Project Delivery offers the opportunity for innovation and the ability to deliver significant added value for our clients

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