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Confronting global water challenges

The Stantec Institute for Applied Science, Technology & Policy explores the real-world impacts of a changing climate on the sustainability of water and the role of emerging technologies in water science and policy. The Institute engages scientists, engineers, and technology specialists across the globe to investigate questions at the forefront of transforming the water industry’s future.

We capitalize on opportunities that accelerate sustainability and resiliency within the changing global climate, specifically through addressing the intersection of food, water, and energy challenges and focusing on decarbonization and circular economic principles.

Our goal? A more sustainable, reliable, and affordable future—a future with improved water, energy, and infrastructure solutions. 

Webinar Recording: PFAS: Regulations and Treatment

Joe Jacangelo discusses the latest PFAS regulations and trends. He also provides an update on a Stantec pilot project with the City of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, to test treatment options.

Create a pipeline for adopting new water technologies

Often, being an early adopter of a new technology carries uncertainty—it may not achieve predicted performance levels. And early adopters may have to shoulder premiums on capital costs until enough installations exist to bring costs down. Successful, cost-effective adoption of technology requires innovative technical and regulatory approaches applied from the point of technology selection to full commissioning. Our approaches reduce risk for the adopter from the outset.

Improving the world’s water quality and access

Negative pressures caused by a changing climate are significantly impacting reliable water supplies for human consumption. Coupled with the world’s expanding population, a complex interrelation is growing between reliable and equitable access to quality water and the food needed to sustain our growth. Then, the energy demands of an expanding population compounds it all. The Stantec Institute is focused on this challenge, participating in a 4th Industrial Revolution—one where water sits at the core.

Thought leadership that transforms the water industry

Water is the essence of life itself yet remains greatly undervalued. The water industry must abandon its unsustainable practice of extract, use, and dispose and move towards a practice of full reuse—a circular, closed loop economy. Getting there will require technical and policy experts collaborating to craft appropriate regulatory boundaries and influence decision-makers to leverage the positive benefits of sustainable reuse schemes. The Stantec Institute and our partners are transforming the value of water for all.
Stantec is consistently ranked as a leading national and international firm.
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Corporate Knights Global ranked us among the top 1% in the world on sustainable performance (2022).
In August 2020, Engineering News-Record (ENR) recognized us as leaders in water, everywhere our clients need us.
Our commitment to helping communities every day was recognized by Engineering News-Record (ENR) in August 2020.


Ecosystem Restoration We combine local environment knowledge with multidisciplinary staff to re-establish ecological functions and biodiversity in damaged or degraded environments.
Resilience Resilience means designing with the worst-case scenario in mind and creating a cost-effective solution that balances risks and needs.
Sustainability Designs, initiatives, and projects that support a more sustainable world are how we’re going to reduce harmful impacts and secure our global future.
Trenchless Our expertise in trenchless technologies lets you build, maintain, or replace pipes while minimizing surface disruption.
Tunneling We focus on risk avoidance and mitigation with robust management programs that maximize constructability to deliver tunneling solutions that provide the best value.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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