Urban Planning & Design

  • Water Street Tampa

    A plan to turn more than 50 acres of undeveloped property into an exciting new walkable, urban neighborhood.

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  • Saskatoon City Centre Plan

    Animating a city centre from summer sunshine to winter brrrr.

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  • Dayton Mall Area Master Plan

    ‘Mall Street’ meets ‘Main Street’

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Shaping our communities through design

Great places don’t just happen—they are born of a thoughtful vision and intelligent design. When you walk through a city, the dynamic urban spaces are what you remember and come back to experience again. That is what urban design is all about—making connections between people and places. It shapes cities and suburbs, whether through the planning of their buildings and neighborhoods, their streets and plazas, or their parks and infrastructure. Read More

We help communities manage change to become more livable, equitable, and resilient.

David Dixon Vice President, Urban Places Fellow
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Union Square

We walked the streets of Union Square to learn about the culture, the needs, the wants, and the passions of its people.

Webinar: Why Urban Design Still Matters

In this webinar, we discuss practices in urban design that affect walkability, the perception of safety, and economic vitality; identify specific urban design details for both the public and private realm and their contextual metrics; investigate the Golden Triangle of great urbanism; and explore the role of the 7 D’s in measuring success. Watch Now

City Building: Who Controls the Future?

The recent growth of cities and schools produced tremendous opportunity, wealth, and change.

Ain Al Fayda Neighbourhood Development Master Plan

Ain Al Fayda is a distinct development that celebrates the historical and natural qualities of the region. The master plan vision sets the tone for a well-balanced lifestyle by creating a variety of communities within a walkable neighborhood setting for residents. Read More
Managing change in cities and suburbs
Top 225 International Design Firms

Since 2015, our team has planned more than 30 million square feet of new walkable, mixed-use, and authentic urban districts–in cities and suburbs
Application of these mutually reinforcing principles to every plan, makes our communities more Walkable, Connected, Green, Diverse and Authentic
ENR June 2017

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Architecture & Interior Design We create spaces that are engaging and uplifting, that contribute to our collective sense of health and well-being, and encourage the sustainable stewardship of our communities.
Landscape Architecture Whether it's an urban park, a restored wetland, an athletic complex, or a waterfront destination--through analysis, planning, and design, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs.
Land Use Planning We provide responsible planning by creating careful and thoughtful options for right now as well as for the future that take into account site conditions, public input, client needs, and project requirements.
Public Participation We develop and execute communication and consultation plans that allow people affected by change to understand, influence, and accept it.
Transportation Planning As a community grows in size and population, so do its mobility needs. We help you address those needs and find a comprehensive solution that can safely get you to your destination.
Design Visualization Through design visualization, we help clients and stakeholders picture the building they’ll work in, the bridge they’ll drive over, and the neighborhood their kids will play in.
Visioning. Brands. Experiences. We create tangible, experiential, and memorable places. Transformative experiences that enhance real estate values and bring people back to a place again and again.
Land Development Engineering We transform land by taking into account physical site conditions, public expectations, fiscal requirements, and environmental constraints.

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