Our most precious resource

It’s a necessity we often take for granted, whether it’s filling the kettle, showers in the bathroom or taps in the garden—the convenience of water at our fingertips. And it’s delivered by a complex network most people don’t think about too much. 

As conveyance specialists and engineers who make clean water accessible, convenient, and safe across New Zealand, we think about water a lot. Where it comes from, where it goes, how it gets there, and how to move it efficiently. We think about places that have a lot of water and places that have too little water—and how to get it there. 

We are constantly researching and working to improve and expand New Zealand’s water infrastructure, from force mains and sanitary sewers to hydraulic structures, pipelines, open channels, and storage. Everyone deserves access to safe and secure drinking water and sanitary storm water systems, and that’s our job—to help keep our communities and ecosystems healthy. 

Stormwater modelling for future planning

Stormwater networks include open drains, pipes, pump stations, stopbanks and detention basins, so planning for their resilience and maintenance is crucial. See how our team helped Napier City Council plan for the future by using innovative modelling techniques and effective collaboration. Read More

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