• Cross Harbour Pipeline Investigations
  • Kaitoke Flume Bridge Seismic Resilience Scheme

Water Resources Planning & Management

Making the most of your water resources

A river carves a landscape over hundreds of years; a flood can cause devastation in a matter of hours. Comprehending how water works on timescales ranging from centuries to days is critical to managing it effectively and safeguarding our communities.

We have an integrated approach to developing and managing water resources that balances environmental, social, and economic needs. It considers the inter-dependent management of surface water and groundwater, quantity and quality, rivers and watersheds, weather extremes from droughts to floods, ecosystems, and inland and coastal waters. 

Our team can support your project with implementation plans, monitoring, and economic analyses. And, we’ll effectively manage your water with designs that create opportunities for recreation and education, increase market value, and enhance the user experience. 

Wellington’s water seismic resilience scheme

Making Wellington’s raw water supply more resilient against a major earthquake with the new Kaitoke Flume Bridge and a seismically resistant pipe. Read More

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