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Wet Weather Flow & Urban Stormwater

Conserving and managing this valuable asset

Our water resources services encompass a range of expertise including specialists in drainage infrastructure design, watershed hydrology, sediment transport analysis, stormwater management, computer modelling, and drainage master plans.

Collaboration is key, particularly in large infrastructure projects that affect so many aspects of a community. Our project processes incorporate client and stakeholder input through public participation, and we gather all intelligence from the planning stages, including it in the plan and operations going forward. And if you need something on the development of regulatory and management solutions side, versus structural alternatives, our teams can help with that as well. 

Projects often include multi-objective components, such as open space habitat and recreation, and one of our prime objectives is to educate the public about the multi-objective benefits that water resources play in a community. This is a key component of our approach, and we find that this collaborative method assists our clients by gaining broad-based support for our combined initiatives. 

Let’s improve your community infrastructure together. 

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