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  • Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester 3 Refurbishment

Digital Engineering & BIM

Seeing is believing

Digital 3D modelling in the construction industry takes the design process to the next level. Modelling and analysis of options—even during the early concept stages—is essential in the close integration of services required by modern projects. Why? Because this can help you identify the most optimal pathways for installation.

On site, digital engineering is a valuable aid in guiding staged construction and is beneficial in communicating project goals in a visual way to non-technical audiences. When stakeholders can visually comprehend a project's intentions, risk is mitigated, informed decisions are taken, and financial decisions are streamlined.

As projects progress through their lifecycle, digital engineering can also be a valuable tool in defining, capturing, and recording asset information for the use in the operation and maintenance of the constructed asset.

Acoustic virtual reality

Do you know how loud your building is? When the design team tells you the right wall configuration could reduce noise leakage by 10 decibels, does anyone know what that actually means? We can help you understand and make an informed choice. Our team has developed an intelligent solution to help you make decisions: software that can demonstrate how noises will sound. With acoustic virtual reality, we’re showing you how loud or quiet your building will be. Read More

Reality Capture

During the design process, we use a tool called Reality Capture to help design teams and stakeholders accurately understand the existing condition of assets and how proposed designs interact with these. Using tools like laser scanning, we can digitally capture, analyse, and represent the physical world, making it much easier for you to see the impact of design proposals. Reality Capture is just one of many tools in our Digital Engineering team’s toolkit—solutions that help us deliver efficiency, cost, and program benefits to clients. Read More

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