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Nature-based Solutions

Working with nature to deliver sustainable solutions

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) is a design approach that leverages the positive benefits of natural systems combined with traditional engineering. Weaving natural features and processes into our design work increases long-term human, ecological, and infrastructure resilience to climate change and other environmental impacts.

Due to warmer global temperatures, increased drought intensity, water quality degradation, biodiversity loss, more severe and frequent storms, flooding, wildfires, sea level fluctuations, and coastal erosion, there’s never been a more urgent time for NbS. Why? These solutions play a vital role in carbon sequestration by supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)—helping to mitigate climate change.

Our holistic systems-thinking approach supports communities, industry, and our national security through the integration of NbS, resulting in social, economic, and environmental benefits. Whether the need is a bioswale to mitigate flooding, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), wetlands for water treatment, or a coastal restoration that safeguards infrastructure, our NbS program has you covered. 

Looking through a holistic lens to see the multiple benefits

For over three decades, we’ve designed and implemented NbS. Our team of ecologists, biologists, climate scientists, biogeochemists, engineers, and landscape architects takes an adaptable, integrated systems-thinking approach. Our goal? To address climate change today and create the sustainable and resilient communities of tomorrow while generating additional benefits including increased biodiversity, improved air and water quality, increased real estate values, and expanded recreational and commercial opportunities.

Stantec welcomes you to the decade on ecosystem restoration

Ecosystem restoration is the process of re-establishing ecological function to damaged or degraded environments through design, management, and monitoring. Our diverse team is here to serve as a trusted technical advisor in helping achieve

We live, work, and play where you do

The issues you face today are our issues too. That’s why we’re so passionate about using NbS to solve these global challenges. From the mountain tops to the shining seas, our geographic reach and ability to work in any habitat allows us to help you design NbS for a safer, more resilient future.

Using integrated catchment management

We aim to create resilient river catchments through adaptive planning. We develop partnerships, improve the environment, and boost resilience by connecting client demands with our understanding of the river watershed system and how all stakeholders interact. Our team views a river catchment as a single entity, working toward flexible, catchment system-thinking risk mitigation. Explore how our integrated catchment approach can provide net positive impact for your products, supply and value chains, and operations.

Changing the landscape

For many years urban creep has been removing green areas in favour of constructed spaces. We’re collaborating with our clients to restore and enhance our landscape, working with nature to do so. We incorporate biodiverse, sustainable solutions to look after our communities, environment, and planet.
Putting the environment at the heart of what we do.
PAS 2080

We have thousands of specialists across various sectors available to help deliver NbS to our clients.
Stantec is accredited under the PAS 2080 Carbon Management in Infrastructure framework.

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