• Delivering High Speed Rail Phase 2B

    Transforming and connecting communities, cities and jobs

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  • M6toll Design Services Partner

    Using Stantec’s international experience to create a new ‘world class’ tolling system for the M6toll road

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  • Scottish National Transport Strategy

    Setting a strategic direction for transport in Scotland

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Transforming communities by improving connectivity

We help develop transport infrastructure projects from conception in national, regional and local transport strategies, through planning to business cases, design and construction. Our leading transport economics and modelling teams, our policy and regulatory understanding, innovative approach to technology, operation and design ensure that we help our clients understand people’s movements, their choices and their requirements – now and in an ever-changing world.

Our approach to transport planning and design has rapid change in people’s mobility needs and addressing the climate emergency at its heart.

Dougie McDonald Regional Director – Transport, UK

Finding and implementing climate solutions

Do you need to understand your climate-related risks, develop roadmaps or set climate action goals? With Stantec’s systems-based climate advisory services, we help our clients foresee potential impacts climate change can have on projects, acting as a guide through resilience and adaptation planning, and revealing the value mitigation programs can offer. Find out more
Expert Spotlight

Dougie McDonald, Regional Director – Transport, UK

Our approach to transport planning and design has rapid change in people’s mobility needs and addressing the climate emergency at its heart.
Dougie McDonald Regional Director – Transport, UK Read More

Paul McCartney, Director, Economics

Transport solutions should support community objectives while providing value for money.

Scott Leitham, Director, Transport Planning

We’re helping clients plan a sustainable future for their communities in this rapidly evolving transport policy environment.
Scott Leitham Director, Transport Planning Read More

Peter Chong, Director, Bridges and Rail

Working with my team collaboratively to make dreams a reality is what keeps me motivated.

Scott Witchalls, Director, Transport and Infrastructure

We place good infrastructure at the front and centre of our design thinking to create places people want to live, work, and play in.
Scott Witchalls Director, Transport and Infrastructure Read More

John Owens, Director of Roads

Taking the time to listen and understand our clients—their needs and expectations—and delivering in the right way, is what drives me.

Alastair Mackie, Associate, Public Transport

The key to effective passenger transport solutions is to always follow the demand.
Alastair  Mackie Associate, Public Transport Read More

Dougie McDonald

Regional Director – Transport, UK

Paul McCartney

Director, Economics

Scott Leitham

Director, Transport Planning

Peter Chong

Director, Bridges and Rail

Scott Witchalls

Director, Transport and Infrastructure

John Owens

Director of Roads

Alastair  Mackie

Associate, Public Transport

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Transport Planning Services We help our clients understand how people move around and between places, and how this can affect choices about policy development, land use and scheme design.
Design & Construction Support Environment support through asset creation.
Programme Management & Integrator Services Stantec provides a range of professional services to support the delivery of major capital investment programmes across six continents.
Freight & Logistics We understand the complexity of supply chains, and the delivery, servicing and waste management needs of different land uses.
Health & Wellbeing We recognised early on that assessing health and wellbeing will have a major impact on our work and become a key differentiator in successful projects.
Future Mobility & Smart Cities We provide Intelligent Transportation by integrating information and communication technologies in our infrastructure to manage and improve the reliability and efficiency of our transportation network.
Transport Appraisal & Business Cases We can advise and support on the methods, principles and techniques to deliver evidence-based appraisals and business cases in line with best practice guidance.
Transport Assessments Our understanding of the wider transport context has allowed us to unlock many complicated sites for future development.
Asset Management Stantec’s Asset Management community think in systems which coupled with our global reach, enables us to provide subject-matter expertise across our clients’ entire portfolio/asset lifecycle and throughout the surrounding environment.

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