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Confidential Client Residential Development Geotechnical Design Strategy

Delivering new housing through digital ground models to define foundation solutions in karstic ground conditions

  • Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

    Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Robust 3D ground model with continuous design updates allows detailed and rapid assessment of founding strata

An ambitious housing project in Chiltern’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty faced a challenge of karstic features affecting the foundation design. To address the impact to the building foundations, the client engaged us to develop a smart geotechnical design strategy that would provide phased ground investigation and design input from conceptual design through to construction in an area prone to solution features.

Using our innovative Cavities Database and bespoke ground investigation to enhance the ground model, we provided a quick 3D visualisation of varied geological data. Through clear imaging of the surface of the chalk bedrock together with extent and depth of karstic features—dissolution of the chalk resulting in variable rockhead conditions—and the overlying superficial ground layers, the model defined the most suitable foundation solution, successfully bypassing time-consuming data processing.

By combining our chalk experience with innovative 3D modelling software, we delivered key efficiencies to the client in a timely manner. Using this information, the client could make the new community—comprising 550 homes and including 220 essential affordable homes—a feasible reality.

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Jeremy Coulton, Director, Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

We share our customer’s goals and are invested in delivering successful outcomes.
Jeremy  Coulton Director, Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Read More

Harry Gordon, Senior Engineer

Gaining an early understanding of how soluble rocks can present complex constraints to any project is becoming an increasingly crucial task.

Jeremy  Coulton

Director, Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

Harry Gordon

Senior Engineer

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