Mine Power

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Transitioning mines to a cleaner, greener power source

The energy transition is underway. Leading mining companies are committing to move to renewable energy, with many pledging to be net zero within the next thirty years. We have worked on some of the largest solar, wind, and hydro power from renewables and battery storage projects in Australia, and around the world. Whether you are looking to power a new mine, or replace the power source to an existing one, we have you covered. 

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you reduce carbon emissions and become sustainable in your approach to mine power. We will assess your needs, designing a system that meets your unique requirements and is adaptable to long-term energy plans.

We focus on supplying sustainable power solutions to mines and communities. Our solutions minimise the impact on the environment and surrounding communities while maximising clean, reliable energy and long-term performance. You can trust us to harness mine power safely.

Harnessing renewable power to do big jobs

At Stantec we can assess your power needs, design a system that meets society’s new, greener energy requirements and is adaptable for the long-term. We have experience with every technical aspect of renewable energy, from system design, to permitting, environmental assessment, and distribution. We’ll safely and efficiently integrate renewable power into your operations to benefit your company and the communities you operate in.

Safely and sustainably powering your project

Mines have big power requirements, and the quality of the power is a significant consideration. We recognise the unique challenges of powering large operations in remote regions. We’re experts at proactive planning and can help you evaluate and consider the specification, sizing, and handling of power systems upfront. We offer experience that will help you define and resolve power issues while reducing your mines downtime.

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