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Published: Balancing Storm Water Management Costs with Citizen Engagement

January 09, 2020

By Kelly Westover and Andrew Burnham

Published on Storm Water Solutions—when a one-size fits all approach to storm water billing no longer works

The number of communities in the United States that have established stormwater utilities continues to experience steady growth. As stormwater management increases in complexity, localities are realizing that a dedicated funding source and equitable recovery of costs from within the community are essential for sustainable management of stormwater. 

This case study looks at the City of St. Petersburg and highlights the innovative solutions developed to create a transparent, equitable recovery of increasing stormwater management costs and provides insight into how to successfully engage citizens in the process. 

Read the full article on Storm Water Solutions

  • Kelly Westover

    As a financial management consultant, Kelly evaluates revenue sufficiency and creates equitable utility rate structures for water, sewer and stormwater funds.

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  • Andrew Burnham

    Andrew is extensively involved in the operational and business development aspects of providing financial services across the United States.

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