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Find design inspiration for your school through virtual tours

October 24, 2017

By Diego Barrera

Virtual reality can inspire projects when an in-person tour is not possible

In school and in work, we learn from past projects to make the future ones even better. As we begin the journey of creating a new school with our clients and community partners, we want to make sure they experience other successful projects that can inform and inspire them as they create the vision for their new school.

There is no substitute for touring a space, walking through the doors, and experiencing a school in real life. Sometimes, however, in-person tours are not possible. Thankfully, technology is giving us the opportunity to share great projects across the country with our clients. At Stantec, we are creating virtual tours that can be experienced through VR goggles, which allows our clients to virtually walk through a project, look around and, experience these spaces. 

The goal is to allow the communities we serve to visit inspiring projects early in the process without the traditional limitations of time, budget, and geography. A school’s design is reflective of the community it inhabits. It embodies its values, history, and goals. Therefore, no two schools are the same. As a community embarks in creating a new school, it is important to see and learn from what others have done. This new technology will allow us to share relevant projects across the globe with the goal of inspiring our clients and creating great schools for our students.  

  • Diego Barrera

    Diego has more than a decade of experience bringing architecture and education together.

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