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Balancing erosion and sediment control

October 12, 2021

By Rupeet Malhotra

Rupeet Malhotra examines the role of soil stabilization in this guest column for Storm Water Solutions magazine

Site stabilization is considered one of the most important aspects of controlling erosion in construction zones. Both wind and water can sweep away sediment. Left unchecked, pollutants attached to sediment make their way into our waterways and can cause undesirable impacts to water quality and ecology. Controlling erosion by stabilizing exposed areas, whether it is an active construction site, a site left inactive for a period, or a site awaiting permanent stabilization measures to achieve closure of the site-specific construction general permit is a must.

Read the full article in Storm Water Solutions.

  • Rupeet Malhotra

    As our Northern California Wet Weather sector lead, Rupeet provides leadership on stormwater management projects, and erosion and sediment control solutions. She accepts new challenges brought by changing climate, environment, and regulations.

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