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Water Management Gets Smart

August 25, 2022

Current View

Stantec Senior Hydrogeologist, Jim McKinley, shares with Engineering & Mining Journal how mine water management relates to mine closure

When you think of water management at a mine site, planning for mine closure might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it is for Jim McKinley. With more than 15 years of mine closure experience, he incorporates water management throughout closure. He understands the importance of integration in mining—that is to say, bringing in varying experts in throughout the mine design, operations, and closure projects. 

This is especially true with climate change experts. Jim shares about a closure project he’s been supporting at a gold mine in the arctic. The original plan from the 1900s relied on permafrost to encapsulate tailings. Now, they are revising the closure plan as climate modeling shows we may not have the necessary permafrost 100 years from now.  

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