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We connect communities to safe, reliable energy

Our Energy group is built to support diverse project scopes with capabilities across North America and internationally. By integrating our services and providing in-house knowledge and technology across disciplines and geographies, we help you design, install, and maintain energy infrastructure and facilities—from pipelines and gathering lines to tanks and terminals, meter stations, pumps, compressors, and everything in between.

After more than 30 years in the industry, we know how to reduce risks and improve outcomes for our clients. We unite stakeholders to avoid resource impacts, address regulatory and community concerns, and achieve construction, development, and maintenance cost savings.

Most importantly—we drive continuous improvements to keep assets operating safely and to keep communities connected to energy.

Sustainable midstream energy solutions

Need to reduce your carbon footprint? We can help you integrate renewables into midstream facilities and support pathways to net zero. Our team can provide options analysis and advise on energy transition initiatives related to hydrogen, electrification, carbon capture, and overall emissions reduction.

Teams and approaches fitted to your needs

We’ve worked on more than 30,000 kilometres (18,640 miles) of pipeline, two million horsepower of compression and pumping, and millions of barrels of storage capacity. This experience helps us understand the challenges and opportunities posed by midstream projects and reduces our learning curve, helping us streamline services and provide value management.

Stantec Energy & Resources Advisor (ERA)

Discover new ideas—thoughts, trends, and insights from our Energy group. ERA explores pressing issues facing the energy and resources market. From design and distribution to research and implementation, from the way we deliver projects to the way we use new technologies and innovations, ERA draws on the multidisciplinary knowledge and experience of our colleagues around the world to provide perspective on our evolving industry. Learn More
Steadfast in our commitment to bringing value to our clients and communities
Years Designing Critical Infrastructure
Identified Value Engineering Savings
Validated Emissions Targets

With decades of industry experience, we can help keep your energy assets in safe working order and compliant with regulatory requirements.
We help clients achieve strong returns on their project investments through strong technical know-how and purposeful designs.
Stantec has validated its science-based emissions reduction target against a 1.5°C trajectory.

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