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Welcome to Rochester

We’ve been rooted in the Rochester area since 1955. Set in the historic district of High Falls, our office is proud to be part of such a prominent and thriving community.

When it comes to service, we turn our words into actions. We make a difference in the greater Rochester area through the projects we create and the service we dedicate to our local community. Together, we design the roads in which our community travels, the buildings in which it works, and the parks in which it plays.

By focusing on our clients and community, we’ve helped to create a city that we’re proud to call our home.

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Doing the Right Thing in Rochester

Thrilled to win a top 2017 “Ethie” award from the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation, employees explain how their shared values provide a strong foundation for success, and fun.

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Jim:                        We are a professional design firm so we work on buildings projects. We work on transportation projects. Our resources [inaudible 00:00:08]. We really are involved in building communities.

                                At the Rochester office, we have a little over 100 employees here. We really cover a majority of New York state. Within Stantec itself, we have 22,000 employees, so we are a very global driven company. We're a people focused company. We're very team oriented. We're driven for success and lastly, we really focus on doing what's right.

Zakery:                 I have this thing on my desk that says ... It's an acronym, it says, "DDYNPO. It stands for Don't Do Anything You're Not Proud Of." I think that sort of sums up all of Stantec's core values in a personal way to me in that everything that we do, we want to be proud of.

Jim:                        Pretty much every single project that we build in the end touches millions and millions of lives, so in order to get to the right solution for our local communities, we want to do what's right.

Mel:                       What does community mean to Stantec? It's volunteering on local boards, it's charitable organizations, donating their time for that, time and effort, time and money.

Linda:                    We have a committee called the Sunshine Group, so we plan different events. That's just a time to get everyone together as one because we are a team, so all these events tied together of having fun, it contributes to an ethical business environment.

Mel:                       We are ethical. It's not something that we have to learn to do, it's something that we do every day.

Jim:                        With our staff, there's a lot of training involved. We have a code of business conduct that we've developed and we really believe that we kind of empower all of our employees to make the right decisions.

Zakery:                 Stantec invests so much time and energy in training employees, in making sure they're aware of the values. The idea that we all know what those values are, we bring that right into every project and working for a large corporation allows the leaders of the organization to really pass down these things in terms of ethics and safety. We're always bringing up those two at every meeting we have. Ethics and safety is the first thing we talk about no matter what the meeting is on, ethics and safety.

Jim:                        Just being nominated, the Rochester office has been very excited about the opportunity. It's the core of who we are. It's very fundamental to our culture.


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