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Rail Bypass Opportunity Study Management

Sometimes the solution becomes clear when you listen to people

  • Lac-Mégantic, Canada

    Lac-Mégantic, Canada

Finding a practical, sensitive solution

Following a major rail disaster in the town centre, the Town of Lac-Mégantic wanted to conduct a feasibility study regarding construction of a rail bypass. Our team supported the Town by managing the study, which was aimed at demonstrating the relevance of relocating the rail line outside the downtown area and identifying the best bypass scenario possible in order to secure the required project funding.

Obtaining funding for such a major project required broad consensus on the layout from the many stakeholders and decision makers. Stantec was the Town's spokesperson during the public consultations attended by hundreds of people. Our exceptional and compassionate management of this sensitive and complex project made it possible to gain buy-in from the largest number of residents possible, thus ensuring social acceptability of the project, and to achieve consensus among a number of stakeholders with sometimes competing interests.

Considering the tragic events that unfolded, the public consultations were emotionally charged and were unlike any other major project. The psychological scars of the event required sensitivity in dealing with questions and delicacy in providing answers. Ultimately, our team was able to strike a balance between the technical, pragmatic engineering side, and the overriding human aspect of the project. 

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