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Approaches to Bermuda - Dredging Modeling and Assessment

Preparing for a new generation of cruise ships

  • Bermuda


Taking steps to protect the environment

In order to accommodate a new generation of cruise ships, Bermuda needed to widen and dredge their shipping channel. Before they could begin the expansion, the government needed to understand the impact the work would have on the environment—that’s where we stepped in.

We were retained by Government of Bermuda to conduct an environmental impact assessment associated with the proposed dredging operations and to assess the behavior of the suspended sediment plume due to dredging. A field program was conducted to collect wave, water level and current data using bottom-mounted acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP), and current velocity at various transects using a boat-mounted ADCP. Sediment and water samples were collected to characterize the sea bed sediment properties as well as the suspended sediment concentrations in the study area. The integrated hydrodynamics of tidal circulation, wave, sediment transport, and effects of dredging activities were simulated by the MIKE 21 coupled model. The results from modeling and field study were used to prepare a project environmental impact study.

Now complete, the study prepared for an increased capacity and efficiency to the transportation system and provided an economic and social boost to Bermuda’s cruise industry.

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