• NASA Ames Research Center - Steam Vacuum System NOx Removal System
  • City of Victoria—Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories and Emissions Management
  • Oshkosh Corporation’s Defense Segment Plants

Atmospheric Sciences

Balancing development with regulations

Rooted in reality, educated in natural sciences, our team of Atmospheric Sciences professionals focus on air quality, climate science, greenhouse gas (GHG), and ambient noise. Offering a full spectrum of services, we help clients identify, measure, and address air quality to meet regulatory compliance and permitting requirements. We also help them verify and quantify GHG emissions, quantify toxic/hazardous pollutants, evaluate the impacts of climate, and assess noise.

Spanning every sector, our services support both public and private projects across all aspects of atmospheric sciences. Together, we can help you address regulatory compliance while actioning your climate goals. 

Air quality

With heightened priority placed on air quality compliance across all sectors, we recognize the importance of meeting permitting and regulatory requirements, anticipating future needs, and identifying the potential for ecological and human health risks. Whether you need air dispersion modeling, computational fluid dynamics modelling, air quality compliance, ambient monitoring, point-source emissions monitoring, consequence modeling, emergency planning, or pre-construction permits, our practitioners can help you from beginning to end. Read More

Climate science

Analyzing and understanding climate change scenarios, timescales, and profiles is a critical first step in identifying related project risks and challenges. With the increasing frequency of extreme weather events—caused by climate change—we are also seeing a greater need to identify and understand climate change risk and vulnerability. Born out of our engineering and design experience, our climate scientists can support you with resilience and adaptation planning. Together, we’ll help you tackle your climate-related risks head-on. Read More

Greenhouse gas (GHG)

Do you need to estimate your GHG emissions for your industrial facilities as part of your corporate inventories or offset projects? Do you require GHG verification aligned with ISO 14065? Do you need to action your carbon emission goals, understand carbon strategies, or plan for net zero? With global practitioners, we have sound understanding of legislation requirements and science-based targets supporting your reporting needs using standards such as the GHG Protocol and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Read More

Noise, vibration, and acoustics

From environmental, industrial, and transportation noise to monitoring and vibration, we’re dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality noise and vibration solutions through innovative problem-solving and smart application of technology. We understand the challenges related to regulatory compliance and public concern over noise and vibration issues, and our acoustic specialists provide noise and vibration solutions to meet your project needs. Read More
We advance your goals by finding symbiosis between the project and the regulatory requirements
Staff in North America

We help ensure emission reductions meet program requirements
Our Atmospheric Sciences practitioners are located across Canada and the US—ready to help you locally.

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