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Atmospheric Sciences

Balancing development with regulations

The Atmospheric Sciences Group provides specialized services in Air Quality, Climate and Greenhouse Gases (including carbon footprinting, and verifications), Acoustics (noise and vibration, including environmental and building acoustics) and Lighting. We develop credible solutions to help you achieve your project goals. Read More

The most difficult and daunting dilemmas are our best opportunity to achieve something spectacular.

Dan Heiser Manager, Environmental
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Air Quality Compliance

With heightened requirements placed on air quality compliance we recognize the importance of resolving issues efficiently and effectively. Understanding atmospheric emissions is important to meeting regulatory requirements, anticipating future requirements, and identifying the potential for ecological and human health risks. We’re here to help you resolve your air quality issues. Read More

Climate Change and Sustainability

Our Climate Change and Sustainability team is accredited under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification. We work with you on the validation and verification of GHG offset projects and the verification of facility inventories across the globe. We support the development of GHG offset projects, landfill gas capture, methane avoidance, and biological offsets. We also develop facility GHG inventories to meet regulatory requirements. Read More

Monitor, forecast, act—effective emission management

There’s a growing need by many facilities to understand and identify the concentration levels of critical air pollutants, particulates, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The need for hourly data monitoring is a key operational component, ensuring regulatory compliance and company action. At the same time, sensor technology is changing rapidly, making it hard to keep up. Our partner application, AirLogic™, provides a customized emissions data solution with forecasting models, dashboards, and alerts—consolidated in one location. Read More

Noise and Vibration

From environmental and transportation noise, to monitoring and vibration, our professionals are dedicated to the consistent delivery of quality noise and vibration solutions through innovative problem-solving and smart application of technology. We understand the challenges related to regulatory compliance and public concern over noise and vibration issues. Our acoustic specialists provide noise and vibration solutions to meet your project needs. Read More

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

Do you measure up? Take a close look at your organization’s sustainability objectives around environmental impact, diversity and inclusion, clean energy, and supply chain management. With the impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, large-scale urbanization, emerging technology and many other factors it has become clear that organizations need to adapt to survive. Read More
We advance your goals by finding symbiosis between the project and the regulatory requirements.
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We help ensure emission reductions meet program requirements

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