Modelling the behavior of debris flows and debris avalanches

Landslide runout and the associated impacts represent a substantial challenge for professionals trying to understand and manage hazards from steep mountainous terrain. DebrisFlow Predictor is the latest advancement in our suite of Geohazards solutions to make the world a safer place. The software uses data and controls to inform a numerical model that simulates complex behaviour of debris flows. The generated predictions include landslide pathways, runout extension, and depth along the path due to scour and deposition. Simulation results can be overlaid onto mapped landslides for performance comparisons and used to predict the behaviour of first-time landslides. The outcomes generated by DebrisFlow Predictor can help make decisions that preserve communities, infrastructure, and the environment.

A new digital tool to help predict landslides and protect people

Mountains cover about 30% of our global land surface. These rugged landscapes supply much of the world’s water, provide critical economic resources, and support the lives of hundreds of millions of people. But mountains are also the source of some of the world’s deadliest hazards. DebrisFlow Predictor, a software program developed by our expert team at Stantec. It can reasonably predict the path—and potential impacts—of extremely rapid flow-type landslides. The software can help protect people, the environment, and infrastructure. Read More

Cowichan Lake North Shore Debris Flow Runout Model

The steep North Shore of Cowichan Lake is part of the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD), home to approximately 1,700 people exposed to potential debris flow hazards from adjacent slopes. A hazard assessment of the North Shore identified 462 historic landslides in the broader region. Our team recommended that landslide runout modelling be conducted for debris flows and debris slides to better discretize the hazard. We used our DebrisFlow Predictor to estimate the extent of debris flow hazard to residents and properties along th Read More

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