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Anton Germishuizen

Senior Vice President, Business Leader, Buildings

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As a senior vice president, Anton fosters a commitment to design excellence and the growth of Stantec’s design culture. He remains actively engaged in the marketing and design of projects, with a particular focus in the civic sector. He is a strong proponent of interdisciplinary integration in design and is the co-author of 10M: Toward an Integrated Approach to Design, on the topic.

Anton’s portfolio of work includes: Cleveland Institute of Art – McCullough Building Redevelopment, Carnegie Mellon University Doherty Hall Arts Wing, Miami University – School of Engineering and Applied Science, Jindal Steel Works (JSW) World Headquarters in Mumbai, India, Cornell University - Physical Sciences, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Pediatrics Rehabilitation and the Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Resiliency versus Sustainability: What’s the difference?

"We have to force ourselves to think about things more at a systems level and anticipate how those systems would react," says Anton.

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At the core, given our belief that we design with community in mind, resiliency is critical to many, many of our communities. That's going to become a bigger issue, particularly on the Easter Seaboard of the United States. We will be seeing more disasters like Sandy. I see it as an extension of our core beliefs in sustainability and what we do as a company to deal with the stewardship of the planet and resources. That is now connecting into the human side with communities, and that's a pretty profound place to be.

I would define resiliency as the capacity of a system, a community, to be able to absorb and adapt to change. That can be highly detailed or it can be much broader at a systems level. We have to force ourselves to think more about things at a systems level and anticipate how those systems would react. I see sustainability as a stewardship definition where it has to do with how we change behaviors, it has to do with how we protect natural resources. It's sort of a proactive stance, but I think the two are really highly linked. At Stantec, we have a phenomenal opportunity to really have an impact on this agenda. We are a systems design driven company. We have a very deep bench with incredible resources to bear, and so I don't think we have a choice in the matter. 

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