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The Observatory at Electric Forest

A seasonal venue for music, entertainment, and celebration

  • Rothbury, Michigan

    Rothbury, Michigan

A World’s Fair inspired performance venue in Michigan’s magical Sherwood Forest

Electric Forest is an annual gathering of music, arts, and entertainment outside of Rothbury, Michigan. When Madison House Presents wanted to create an enhanced experience for The Observatory space, our Visioning, Brands, and Experiences group worked with them on a design that puts the people at the forefront.

The team was tasked with reinventing the experience, which included the immediate surrounding area, viewing platforms, custom structures, and overall placemaking components. Our solution unfolded after establishing desired outcomes which focused the design around the theme of a past or futuristic World’s Fair.

The idea was developed around six experience zones. The rings serve as depressions in the earth to provide further dimension to the space, the lantern serves as a treehouse, the arbors are viewing decks, the pods serve small batch and pop-up performances, and the spire serves as a marketplace.

And the result? An experience that puts the people on a stage, blurring the line between performer and spectator as they participate in the act with their favorite musician, who happens to be framed by a whimsical and illuminated castle-like stage set. It’s a mixture of advanced lighting and a World’s Fair flare that provides an environment where people experience beauty, exploration, and connection.  

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