Modeling the behavior of debris flows and debris avalanches

Landslide runout and the associated impacts represent a substantial challenge for professionals trying to understand and manage hazards from steep mountainous terrain. DebrisFlow Predictor is the latest advancement in our suite of Geohazards solutions to make the world a safer place. The software uses data and controls to inform a numerical model that simulates complex behavior of debris flows. The generated predictions include landslide pathways, runout extension, and depth along the path due to scour and deposition. Simulation results can be overlaid onto mapped landslides for performance comparisons and used to predict the behavior of first-time landslides. The outcomes generated by DebrisFlow Predictor can help make decisions that preserve communities, infrastructure, and the environment.

Expert Spotlight

Dr. Richard Guthrie, Vice President

Geohazard innovation is about designing new, novel, and safe solutions that benefit clients, project teams, and our field of work.

Andrew Befus, Application Developer

I’m driven to build applications that solves people’s complex and mundane problems.

Nigel Denby, Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada)

I believe in working with clients to develop realistic and cost effective solutions to complex engineering problems.
Nigel Denby Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada) Read More

Dr. Thad Wasklewicz, Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology

Collaborating regularly with our communities provides a clear understanding of how we can proactively prepare for future geohazards.
Dr. Thad Wasklewicz Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology Read More

Kyla Grasso, Project Geologist

It means a lot to work with scientists, engineers, and clients who do their best to understand and reduce risks from natural hazards.

Dr. Richard Guthrie

Vice President

Andrew Befus

Application Developer

Nigel Denby

Vice President, Business Leader, Environmental Services (Geotechnical Canada)

Dr. Thad Wasklewicz

Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology

Kyla Grasso

Project Geologist

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Stantec is pleased to provide specialized solutions to help manage landslide hazards and risk. In special circumstances, DebrisFlow Predicator can be made available for non-commercial use. Yes, I'm interested

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