Project Impossible

History Channel showcases two Stantec design feats

We are proud and excited to announce that two Stantec projects are featured on HISTORY Channel’s new season of Project Impossible. The 10-part series investigates today’s biggest engineering challenges.

Watch the trailer here.

“Engineering America” airs on September 1 at noon (ET/PT) and  showcases Stantec’s design of a massive drainage pumping station complex in New Orleans, Louisiana. The $700-million Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps (PCCP) project—three separate pumping stations and flood gate closure systems—is the final piece of a $14.6 billion hurricane and storm damage risk reduction system. Launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the PCCP is the second largest such project in the world and will significantly enhance the City’s  resiliency to tropical storms and hurricanes. The PCCP complexes are located on the key city drainage canals on London Avenue, Orleans Avenue and 17th street at Lake Ponchartrain.

The next Stantec project will be featured in “Conquering the Arctic”. The segment focuses on northern engineering feats and highlights the Stantec-designed Iqaluit Airport, the first successful P3 Airport in North America. The Iqaluit Airport is one of Canada’s northernmost flight hubs and was built to serve the remote community of Nunavut in its stark, dark, and frozen climate.

About Project Impossible
Each episode of Project Impossible features multiple stories that illustrate man-made projects that are crucial to our future. These projects include a massive North Sea wind station with 600-foot rotors, a giant sea wall that will protect the ancient city of Venice from rising waters, the world’s largest moveable structure in Chernobyl, and the construction of a fleet of nuclear powered icebreaking ships.

A resilient future for an American Icon

The City of New Orleans has a complex relationship with water. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated just how vulnerable it is to big storms. Learn from Dan Grandal how we’re helping it prepare for a more resilient future.

Project Impossible? Not when you have the right team!

Veteran engineer reflects on his career defining journey with a groundbreaking project. Read More

Large-scale model tests flood control design

Stantec's custom designed physical model allowed engineers to test design assumptions for the $690 million Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps facilities in New Orleans.

Meet Our Team

John Take, Executive Vice President, Water - North America

Protecting entire cities from flooding or helping industries keep their processes running—for me, it’s all about moving water.
John Take Executive Vice President, Water - North America Read More

Dan Grandal, Principal

My job is to help communities become more resilient and to provide the basic building blocks that get those communities functioning.

Rob Mullins, Jr., Senior Vice President, Programs and Business Solutions

I am a Stantec engineer serving my country by supporting federal agencies, executing their infrastructure construction and renewal missions.
Rob Mullins, Jr. Senior Vice President, Programs and Business Solutions Read More

Reno Fiorante, Senior Vice President, Discipline Leader, Water

Ensuring a clean water supply and protecting waterways from the wastewater we generate benefits our communities for generations to come.
Reno Fiorante Senior Vice President, Discipline Leader, Water Read More

Dwight (Ike) Saunders, Vice President

Being able to recognize the context of your assignments will allow you to deliver value—not just tasks—and leads to you being valued.

John Take

Executive Vice President, Water - North America

Dan Grandal


Rob Mullins, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Programs and Business Solutions

Reno Fiorante

Senior Vice President, Discipline Leader, Water

Dwight (Ike) Saunders

Vice President

Design for the 22nd Century

Drone flyover of Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps Project – 17th Street Canal.

An airport unlike any other

Through animation, we explore the question "why go up to go down" during our design of the Iqaluit Airport.

Engineering the impossible at Nunavut’s Iqaluit Airport

The first P3 airport in North America is part of HISTORY’s ‘Project Impossible’ series Read More

Connecting Canada from coast to coast to coast—completing a 60-year vision

The new Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway brings new hopes to northern Canadian communities Read More
Meet Our Team


Leslie Merrithew, Civil Engineer

The most rewarding part of my job is when a client or coworker calls me up and wants me on a project—it means I made a positive impression, and I’m a valued team player.

Kevin Hodgins, Senior Principal

Communities are built on people. As professionals, it’s important to be involved in the volunteer and professional organizations that strengthen our immediate communities.

Cecilia Einarson, Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Airports (Terminals)

Architecture transforms chaos into order, allowing us to positively shape the future of our cities and communities.
Cecilia Einarson Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Airports (Terminals) Read More

Alvaro Fernandez de Mesa, Associate

Collaboration is the most powerful tool a team must use to deliver a successful project.

Dan O'Neill, Senior Associate

The best way to meet our client’s expectations is by taking the time to really listen to their needs.


Leslie Merrithew

Civil Engineer

Kevin Hodgins

Senior Principal

Cecilia Einarson

Senior Principal, Sector Leader, Airports (Terminals)

Alvaro Fernandez de Mesa


Dan O'Neill

Senior Associate

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