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Joint Africa–EU strategy (JAES) Support Mechanism II

Programs that strengthen political dialogue

  • Europe & Africa

    Europe & Africa

Providing a holistic approach to developing and promoting programs that spur collaboration and change

The Joint Africa-EU Strategy Support Mechanism (JAES) was adopted at the second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon in 2007. It provides a long-term, overarching framework for Africa-EU relations, focusing on actions at the global, continental, or cross-regional levels. The purpose? Strengthen political dialogue and enhance cooperation between the two continents so they can address global issues such as climate change, peace, and security. 

Our job, as members of a consortium led by GOPA Consulting, was to implement the second phase and enhance the visibility of the Africa-EU partnership. We facilitated the implementation of joint strategic priorities from the JAES Roadmap (2014–2017), and we carried out communication and outreach activities, raising awareness of the Africa-EU partnership’s vision, objectives, values, and results.

As technical experts, we supported the JAES programs, improved monitoring and assessment for the JAES Roadmap, and completed communications packages and outreach strategies. With the second phase of the JAES underway, the ties that bind the two continents are stronger.

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Anca Andreescu, Project Management Lead Adviser

Stantec's projects are unique opportunities to share the company's best practices with countries all over the world, while integrating local needs and traditions.
Anca Andreescu Project Management Lead Adviser Read More

Christophe Leroy, Operations Director, Belgium - Climate Solutions Leader, Europe

We’re passionate about our role in supporting communities to reach their climate action targets and to move them forward in the energy transition.
Christophe Leroy Operations Director, Belgium - Climate Solutions Leader, Europe Read More

Anca Andreescu

Project Management Lead Adviser

Christophe Leroy

Operations Director, Belgium - Climate Solutions Leader, Europe

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