• Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment
  • Sound Transit Operations & Maintenance Facility
  • Expanding capacity and planning for fleet upgrades
  • Madison Nakoosa Trail Fleet, Fire, and Radio Shops
  • WMATA Rail Heavy Repair and Overhaul Facility

Operations, Maintenance & Storage Facilities

We are leaders in sustainable design and carbon reduction

Every facility has unique operational, building, site, community, and environmental obligations—and we understand how each of these requirements contributes to the operational effectiveness and health of your organization. We specialize in planning, programming, design, safety, workflow optimization, and implementation to meet your needs from concept to completion.

We design spaces that help increase productivity, ensure quality, and achieve the greatest impact on processes and safe work environments. We focus on health and wellness and bring regenerative design to our clients, users, and these facilities.

Our Operations, Maintenance, and Storage Facilities (OMSF) team has built a major practice that has delivered over 500 OMSF projects across North America for transit agencies, utility districts, public works departments, aviation, and military clients. How can we help you optimize your facility, fleet, or operations?

Inspiring. Sustainable. Functional.

Division 13 is an innovative facility that is highly functional, sustainable, and efficient, but also an energetic, restorative facility that creates a healthier work environment.

Design matters

We cultivate a culture of forward-thinking and progressive design focused on creating sustainable, equitable, and captivating workplaces as well as communities that prioritize the human experience. We believe in protecting our future through resilient and sustainable strategies, and this extends to our work in operations, maintenance, and storage facilities. We’ve been working in this space for decades, and our architects and engineers have dedicated their careers to advancing innovative design within communities across North America.

Planning for your future

First and foremost, the programming, site planning, and concept design for any project must be functional. Our design team spends the necessary time to understand how your departments operate. We look at how similar organizations operate, and we review the latest innovative design solutions that could be incorporated into your project. We help you determine whether reconfiguration and expansion of an existing facility is needed or if consolidation into a single, new, or renovated facility is the best solution.

Designing to thrive

Our goal? To design exceptional places and facilities that improve people’s lives and work environments. We do our best to address the triple bottom line of energy efficiency, healthy facilities, and respect for the environment. One key strategy? The transition from petrol/compressed natural gas powered vehicles to renewable energy sources, specifically clean electricity and hydrogen. Large scale zero emission bus (ZEB) bases are bleeding edge transformative design, and Stantec is at the forefront of this transition.
Our experts find the right solutions to help you achieve service, reliability, safety, and quality.
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Our teams have designed and delivered hundreds of OMSF projects across North America.
Building Design + Construction (BD+C) ranked us first in their Top 400 Architectural/Engineering Firms list in 2022.
We landed the runner up spot in Building Design + Construction’s (BD+C) Top 95 Industrial Sector Architecture + AE Firms list in 2022.
We ranked fifth in Building Design + Construction’s (BD+C) Top 40 Transit Facility Architecture and AE Firms list in 2022.

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