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American Water Works Association ACE23 – Stantec Presentation Schedule

April 14, 2023

Our team will be on the ground in Toronto addressing water’s critical issues about the world’s most important resource

2023 America Water Works Association ACE Annual Conference & Exhibition
June 11-14, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

It’s time for the World’s Premier Water Conference – ACE – and we can’t wait! With more than a dozen different presentations our Stantec Water team will be showcasing an amazing team of talent at this year’s ACE23 under the theme of “The Future of Water 2023.”

AWWA’s Water 2050 initiative seeks to establish a long-term vision for the future of water. This collaborative exploration is charting a course for a successful and sustainable water sector. We are #StantecProud of Dr. Joe Jacangelo, who has been at the helm as AWWA President over the last year leading the charge at this important time in the water industry. He will be honored at the Presidential Gavel Passing Celebration on June 14 at 4:45 PM.

In Toronto too? Here is when you can find our team:

Monday, June 12, 2023

3:30 PM – Chlorine Contact Tank Sizing Got You Baffled? Considerations for Expanding Chlorine Disinfection Capacity
Presenter: Michelle Peters, Stephanie Espinoza

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

8:30 AM – Coagulation: Fundamentals of Coagulants, Particles, and NOM
Presenter: David Pernitsky

8:30 AM – Pipe Loop Studies to Evaluate Corrosion Control and Metal Release During Source Water Change from Groundwater to Surface Water
Presenter: Atosa Vahdati Nikzad

9:05 AM – Streams in the Desert – A Progressive Design Build Project Delivers 6 MGD Potable Water from Pilot to Performance Testing
Presenter: Michelle Peters

9:05 AM – Water Reuse and its Role in a Circular Economy
Presenter: Nicolle Boulay

11:00 AM – Addressing Long Term Cost Realities of PFAS Treatment
Presenter: Andrew Nishihara, Ryan Capelle

11:30 AM – The Role of Water Reuse in the Transition to a Circular Economy
Presenter: Caroline Samberger

3:00 PM – Water 205 Think Tank: Governance Panel
Presenter: David Goldwater

4:00 PM – Implementing a 2-Staged Membrane System for Upgrade and Expansion of City of Portage la Prairie Water Treatment Plant
Presenter: Saibal Basu, Jamie Brewster

4:00 PM – Lockdown: Designing a Water Treatment Plant From Home
Presenter: Theresa Luby

4:05 PM – Construction Management 101: A Crash Course for Emerging Professionals
Presenter: Sarah Lucere

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

10:00 AM – (WTFD) From Trailer to Tap
Presenter: Danielle Kalmbach

2:00 PM – State-of-the-Practice Guidance for Flood Mitigation Planning and Modeling under Extreme Wet Weather Events and Climate Impacts
Presenter: Adrien Comeau

2:00 PM – All About Lead and Copper in Small Systems - Part 1
Moderator: Stephanie Elliott

2:30 PM – Quantifying and Monetizing Benefits and Co-Benefits of Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Presenter: Bernadette Callahan

3:30 PM – The Effects of Water Quality on Coagulation Performance
Presenter: Amir Alansari

3:30 PM – The Private Sector’s Role in Partnering with Water Utilities To Advance Environmental Justice (STS)
Presenter: Andrew Nishihara

3:40 PM – All About Lead and Copper in Small Systems - Part 2
Moderator: Stephanie Elliott

5:00 PM – A Tale of Two Towns: Developing Service Line Inventories for Small Water Systems
Presenter: Brendan O’Brien

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