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Join us at WEFTEC - transforming the future of water

September 21, 2022

Check out Stantec’s Podium Presentation Schedule at WEFTEC 2022

WEFTEC – Creating Connections, Transforming Tomorrow
October 8-12, 2022
New Orleans, LA

The Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference – better known as WEFTEC – is the premier water event of choice for thousands of global water professionals looking to innovate solutions to global water challenges. This year’s conference – the 95th event – is happening in the iconic water city of New Orleans, a location sure to inspire water professionals with stories of ground-breaking engineering and infrastructure projects, and of the people’s resilience.

To kick off Stantec’s week at WEFTEC, Art Umble will be performing at Jammin’4Water – the annual WEFTEC night of music that benefits the WEF Service Project organized b the Students and Young Professionals Committee (SYPC) as well as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) charities.  

On Monday, our team will be on hand during the Career Fair for Students and Young Professionals to help eager engineers find their place in the world of water, Stantec Water. Visit us at booth #451 to learn about a world of opportunities, to excel among the best and brightest. We call it H20+U.

With more than 120 technical sessions at WEFTEC 2022 it is sure to be a busy week – make sure you stop by and check out the following Stantec team’s presentations:

Saturday, October 8

6:00 PM – Jammin’ 4 Water, Generations Hall, 310 Andrew Higgins Boulevard

Sunday, October 9

10:30 AM – Data Analysis Techniques and Risk Planning Workshop
PresentersEd Othmer, Mark Bartlett

11:00 AM – Machine Learning Exercise Workshop
Presenter: Mark Bartlett

1:30 PM – WEF Energy Neutrality Tool Workshop
Presenter: Art Umble

Monday, October 10

1:00 – 4:00 PM – Career Fair for Students and Young Professionals, Booth 451, Hall B2, New Orleans Convention Center

2:00 PM – Impact of COVID-19 and Viruses on a UV Disinfection System Design Dose
Presenters: Cody Charnas, Nicole Stephens

2:30 PM – Evaluating Phosphorus Export from Urban Stormwater for "Smart" Treatment Strategies
Presenter: David VanHoven

4:25 PM – The Effect of 'Selector' Design Features on Sludge Densification and Settleability in Mainstream WWTPs Operating with EBPR
Presenter: Danelle Bishoff

4:30 PM – Early Onset Membrane Fouling Under Sub-Critical Flux Operation in a Novel Lab Scale AnMBR Reveals the Significance of Pore Constriction
Presenter: Kahao Lim

Tuesday, October 11

2:00 PM – Innovative Stormwater Management: How Using Biochar-Amended Iron-Enhanced Sand Filters Can Reduce the Flow of Bacteria (E. coli) and Phosphorus into our Water Bodies
Presenters: Erik Megow, Ed Matthiesen

Wednesday, October 12

8:35 AM – Compliance Conundrums: What's Best? How a Systematic and Comprehensive Approach for Wet Weather Flow Management and Treatment will Keep you from Drifting Off Course
Presenter: Lin Liang

9:00 AM – Evolution of Stormwater Utility Funding in St. Petersburg
Presenter: Kelly Westover

9:00 AM – The Role of an Adequate Anaerobic Mass Fraction on RAS Hydrolysis/Fermentation for Sustainable EBPR Process
Presenter: Parnian Izadi

11:00 AM – Political and Technical Tools on the Trajectory to Decarbonizing Water
Presenter: Nicole Stephens

1:30 PM – Integrated Water Resources Plan Using an Optimization Model
Presenter: Jane McLamarrah

1:30 PM – Sludge Granulation in Continuous Flow Systems
Presenter: Mehran Andalib

1:55 PM – Developing the High Water Line Project: A WEF Student Chapter Community Building Pilot
Presenter: Kahao Lim

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