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New Heights in Lighting Design

June 22, 2021

In designing lighting magazine, Seth Ely shares how he created a healthy balance of natural light and high visual acuity for Air Lease’s office

When it was time for the Air Lease Corporation to expand its office space footprint, they called on HOK who brought in Stantec to manage the lighting design. Senior Lighting Designer, Seth Ely, discussed the team’s strategy and implementation of their design.

Air Lease is housed in a Los Angeles high rise--recently fully renovated--creating a new-build feel for the design teams. Just five miles from the ocean, the building occupants get incredible daylight and great views, two of the primary factors for the architect and lighting design teams.

Read the full article in Designing Lighting.

  • Seth Ely

    After 15 years of experience, Seth’s passion for lighting design has helped complete art museums, public spaces, civic buildings, educational facilities, and more.

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