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An AV Adventure to Remember

Thank you for joining us for an AV Adventure to Remember on November 7, 2021 in Orlando, Florida! We hope you had as much fun as we did – and learned a little something along the way as well!

Experience the future, today

Imagine a future where getting from point A to point B is what we’ve always wanted it to be. Safe. Equitable. Resilient. Automated mobility seeks to harness technology for the benefit of all, to change the way we move—for the better. Every journey to autonomy looks different. Whatever the community, use-case, environment, or technology, one thing is consistent – it’s handy to have a roadmap to help you safely arrive at your destination.

Stantec GenerationAV™ and our amazing partners, like co-hosts Oceaneering International, Inc. and 2getthere, stand ready to help guide your AV journey. From creating your vision through operations, we’ve clearly and comprehensively outlined (and implemented) the steps to deploy any AV system in any environment. Let’s accelerate autonomy together..

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AV Industry Day will introduce and guide community leaders so they can truly accelerate automated mobility.
Of cities struggle with procurement
Of cities struggle to keep up
Of cities struggle with regulations

Nearly half of cities say procurement complexity is a major obstacle to improving their mobility through automation.
Over a third of cities say keeping pace with technological change is a challenge.
Over a third of cities identify policy and regulatory barriers as a challenge.
Less than 2% of North American cities have experience planning for and deploying AVs.

GenerationAV™: Accelerating Autonomous Mobility

A successful journey to autonomy starts with a clear vision and a detailed roadmap. GenerationAV Director Corey Clothier outlines data-driven strategies for safe autonomous vehicle deployments.

Meet our Co-Hosts

Oceaneering is Connecting What’s Needed with What’s Next™ to solve today’s toughest challenges, from routine to extreme. 2getthere is a pioneer and worldwide market leader in autonomous passenger vehicles and automated people mover solutions. These companies have long focused on advancing automated people mover systems. Their collaboration combines Oceaneering’s engineering, production, and market expertise with 2getthere’s proven automated vehicle systems, design, and time-proven navigation and traffic management software expertise.

Our Partners

  • dRISK
    dRISK dRISK delivers the first true driving test for AVs, with patented technology to test and validate on edge cases, improving performance and safety.
  • ICARUS Ops
    ICARUS Ops ICARUS Ops™ is eliminating human-error through their digital checklist platform, developed from aviation best practices to help achieve safe AV production and operation.
  • kVA by UL
    kVA by UL From hazard analysis to functional design and validation target-setting, kVA by UL’s knowledge of the automotive product development lifecycle sets them apart in the functional safety industry.
  • POCO Labs
    POCO Labs As leaders in autonomous vehicle system research and collaboration, POCO Labs’ global expertise powers connections and innovation at the intersection of new mobility and the built environment.
  • Whill, Inc.
    Whill, Inc. Combining advanced technology with aesthetically pleasing design, WHILL is transforming the traditional power wheelchair and scooter experiences with an intelligent personal electric vehicle.
  • Swiftmile
    Swiftmile Swiftmile is helping to decarbonize urban transport by building and operating micromobility hubs that charge and organize e-scooters, e-bikes, and other light electric vehicles.
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