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Treatment Trends

May 09, 2022

Current View

By Stephen Beamond

Stantec’s Stephen Beamond shares with Canadian Mining Journal how to boost mineral processing efficiency and reduce waste

Stephen talks mineral processing in Australia. As the industry is changing, so too must the way to extract, process, and transport mined materials. He talks about increasing efficiency of processing systems and replacing energy sources in processing plant operations. He also shared how mining and mineral processing operations are reducing waste and reusing water, and a trend he’s seen increase lately: re-process tailings to extract other minerals. 

"It’s very likely we will see greater regulation and licensing around energy efficiency, waste management, and overall, renewably energy or greenhouse gas emissions. Process plants traditionally measured by demand, schedule, grade, recovery, and yield, will likely have optimization and sustainability-related targets to hit as well (if they don’t already)," Stephen Beamond.

  • Stephen Beamond

    As the Growth Leader for Energy and Resources, Stephen plays a critical role in delivering projects and studies across Australia and Internationally.

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