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UESI Pipelines Conference – Stantec Presentation Schedule

July 08, 2024

Sharing solutions to today’s pipeline infrastructure challenges

July 27-31, 2024
Calgary, Alberta

#Pipelines24 is THE premier industry event for pipeline professionals! And guess what? We have 20+ presentations throughout the conference! Join us to learn how we are redefining what is possible for planning, designing, constructing, renewing, operating, managing, and maintaining a community’s pipeline assets.

Here’s where you can find us:

Monday, July 29

1:30 PM – CIP Under Pressure: Rethinking Solutions to the CAVSARP System’s High Head without Breaking the Bank
Presenter: Tess Degginger, Todd Crouthamel

4:00 PM  Leveraging an Aggressive Inspection Program and Predictive Modeling to Develop an LSL Inventory for Jackson
Presenter: Brendan O'Brien

4:00 PM  Maintain Service Despite Wire Breaks: Condition Assessment of a Low Pressure PCCP System
Presenter: Cassandra Flores

4:00 PM  Kingstown Port Modernization: Working Around a Crumbling Sanitary Sewer Outfall
Presenter: Dave Clarke, Michael Georgalas

4:00 PM Maintaining Service Despite Wire Breaks: Condition Assessment of a Low Pressure PCCP System
Presenter: Taylor Ahrensdorf

4:00 PM Making a Solid Choice: Tunnel Crossing Optimization Under the Credit River
Presenter: Neil Harvey

Tuesday, July 30

9:00 AM – Advancements in Trenchless Technology: San Diego’s First Aqueduct Treated Water Tunnels Rehabilitation – Progressive Design Build Project
Presenters: Nita KaziRuss Snow, Ali Alavi

9:00 AM – Joliet Alternative Water Source Program: Formation of a New Regional Water Provider
Presenter: Darren Fox

9:00 AM – Southern Nevada Water Authority Stage II Reliability Upgrades Project: Providing Reliability to Central Las Vegas Water Supply Through a New Interconnect Pipeline
Presenter: Gordon Thelin

9:00 AM – Advancing Water Management through Comprehensive Sewer Water Quality Monitoring
Presenter: John Abrera

9:00 AM – Integrated Infrastructure Transformation: Leveraging Multi‐Departmental Goals for Efficient Urban Improvements
Presenter: Keith Gardner

2:00 PM – Lessons Learnt from Using Vortex Flow Insert for H2S Sewer Corrosion & Odor Prevention
Presenter: Olugbenga Ibikunle

4:00 PM – Confronting the Complexities of Large-Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation in a Highly Urbanized Setting
Presenter: Stefani Harrison

4:30 PM – Concrete Results: Repurposing of Existing C-76 Gravity Pipe to Save $1M and Costly Permitting Delays
Presenter: Olugbenga Ibikunle, Todd Crouthamel

Wednesday, July 31

8:00 AM – A Seismically Resilient Transmission Pipeline Crossing in Earthquake Country
Presenter: John Worthen, Ali Alavi

8:00 AM – Sewer Pipeline Material Selection is Easy, Right? It’s More Complex than You Might Think
Presenter: Matthew Alcock

8:00 AM – The Twists and Turns of Rehabbing 70-year-old Trunk Sewer and Manholes in an Established Neighborhood
Presenter: Olugbenga Ibikunle

10:00 AM – Advancing Water Network Sustainability through Smart Utility Approaches: Case Studies and Lessons Learned- (WRF 4917)
Presenter: John Abrera

10:00 AM – The Seton Storm Trunk and Outfall
Presenter: Guillermo Charles Garcia

10:00 AM – Emergency Rehabilitation of a Critical Water Supply Pipeline Severed by a Landslide in Benicia, California
Presenter: Joe Ortiz

10:00 AM – Jackson’s Watershed Moment, from System Crisis to the Pursuit of Safe and Reliable Drinking Water
Presenter: Kristen Whatley, Pat Brown

10:00 AM – Connecting the Dots – How Trenchless Construction Opened Doors for a Wellfield Expansion in Fort Myers
Presenter: Trent D'Alessio

10:00 AM – Installation of High-Pressure Pipelines in Complex Topographical Settings Utilizing Microtunneling
Presenters: Erez Allouche, Jake Fei

10:00 AM – Jackson’s Watershed Moment from System Crisis to the Pursuit of Safe and Reliable Drinking Water
Presenter: Russ Snow

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